Experience Customization, Curation & Creation of Your Foods Designed Specifically for YOUR Own Body’s Needs in

 RELISH Private Cheffing


Ready to RELISH in REAL Nourishment?

The RELISH Private Cheffing Program Provides:


Simple system & flexible ordering based on your lifestyle, schedule & taste buds


Curated meals designed for your nutritional goals and preferences


Direct access to me for refinements & nutritional consult

How RELISH Works:

I become your concierge & chef to eat in a way that matches how you want to FEEL & LIVE.

Our time together will kick-off with a starter consultation where we'll dive into your likes/dislikes, dietary requirements, nutritional goals and preferences. Then, I will customize your menus tailored to fit your needs that can include entrees, desserts, salads, snacks, sides, fresh juices & elixirs.

On the weeks you require food support, you'll receive beautiful nourishment delivered to you AND personalized for you to savor!  You'll have access to me through our time together for refinements (via text/email), plus, quick check-ins via phone (if needed).

RELISH is extremely flexible. You're not committed to any quantity guidelines so when you travel, or have weeks where you're inspired to cook more or eat out, you don’t need to worry about food or $$ going to waste. 

Additionally, all of the logistics (weekly ordering, meal planning, tracking credit $'s & delivery) are all done-for-you.

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Experience with RELISH:

  • EXCITING your taste buds by exposing you to new ingredients & recipes
  • Having FUN with a food wizard cooking for you
  • Creating more ENERGY daily (no more being too exhausted to cook)
  • Having more free TIME for you to focus on other ways to feed your soul
  • SAVORING every bite + sip of curated meals designed for your bodies needs
  • Basking in the DELIGHT of feeling real nourishment
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I'm Christy: the Food Wizard

I’ve been told that when my clients enjoy my food, they finally feel deeply nourished. For many, it’s a life-changing experience that impacts their entire relationship with food. 

Because when you eat in a way where all of your senses are activated, everything changes.

A beautiful transformation happens when your body and taste buds start to AWAKEN and you naturally desire more fresh foods. 

BEST PART: your cravings start to disappear. You feel satiated, well-fed and energized as opposed to heavy, bloated or simply just unsatisfied.

In RELISH, I will put on my nutritionist + chef hat and create delicious nutritious, pleasurable meals for your body so that you can feel the power of REAL nourishment.

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Christy Whitney is a food artist if I ever saw one.

"I am in AWE of her passion for supporting others in making lifestyle changes around eating in order to thrive and shine. I’ve been lucky enough to participate in her personalized programs and I can truthfully say it was a game changer and the best I have ever felt in my life!"

-Dell Taylor

Christy Whitney has transformed my relationship with food and brought magic into my life. 

"I’ve never witnessed someone put as much heart and soul into her cooking as she does. Everything has purpose and intention for what she is creating."

-Kayla McCord

Pricing & Details




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-$1550 food credit (includes delivery*) Valid for 90 days.

-Customization & curation provided by Christy

-Access to Christy for refinements (via text/email), plus quick check-ins via phone (if needed)

-1: 45 minute 1:1 Jumpstart Session


*Orders are delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays between 6-9:30 pm.

Delivery Charge: $10 1-10 miles/$20 11-20 miles

NOTE: Delivery charge will be added to your order total and deducted from your credit.


Plant-based & sustainable meat choices, plus, many vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free & low sugar options.

All items are hand-crafted and sourced from sustainable farmers and suppliers.

ready to relish in real nourishment?

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