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From cooking to coaching, I have many programs to step on your own path of real nourishment.


3-Month Wellness Journey with Personalized Cheffing


Imagine: a nutritionist and private chef ALL in one dedicated to up-leveling your peak performance, optimal nourishment and entire WELL-BEING

I'll be your dedicated lifestyle chef and your ultimate guide, accountability partner, and confidant in all things nutrition.

Say goodbye to quick fixes and fad diets. The Well Fed 3-Month Wellness Journey empowers you to confront your specific health or weight concerns with an integrated approach that considers your mind, body, and spirit + curated meals designed to your body's needs and desired outcomes.

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Well-Fed Weekly

Food Membership with Weekly Menu

A supportive weekly menu that provides variety + order flexibility so you can experience unique, flavorful and healthy meals, snacks & juices designed to flood your body with nutrients and superfoods.

The Well-Fed  Membership saves you time + money without compromising quality or taste.

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3 Month 1-1 Coaching Experience


Together, we will craft a solid guiding system for your decision-making process, enabling you to finally find PEACE within your body.

We'll achieve this by optimizing your nutrition, incorporating superfoods and supplements that are tailored to your unique needs, all while deepening your connection with your intuition, inner power, and wisdom.

This is not just another program; it's a journey to reclaiming your authenticity, well-being, and the joy of living in harmony with your body and soul.

Through our 3 months together, I will support and guide you to up-level your food/body beliefs, provide specific guidance for your personalized process and hold the space for you to stay on track, accountable and committed to the changes, shifts and goals you desire to create.


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8-Week Group Coaching Program

The Well-Lived Method is not your typical course, diet, cleanse, or weight loss program. It's a unique deep dive experience in an exclusive small group setting to deepen what fuels, fulfills & nourishes you + redefine how you really want to feel.

The Well-Lived Method is the space for you to build an unwavering foundation of self-care and reconnect with your inner wisdom. You'll become devoted to nourishing your emotional and physical body as a daily practice, as we explore the many ingredients needed to fuel all aspects of who you are.

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Christy Whitney is a wizard, alchemizing food into a positive life source.

"I was teetering on the edge of professional and personal burnout when I began working with Christy.

As a busy executive, my relationship to food was the furthest thing from joyful. Christy’s holistic approach begins with how you want to feel in your body and life, and guides you with a roadmap that shifts your relationship to eating into one of joy, discovery & true nourishment rather than a diet or meal plan."

-Melita Callahan


Christy introduced me to "eat according to how you want to feel". What a concept!

"No more calorie counting, no more portion control, no more worrying about the number on the scale. By working with Christy, eating became a sacred activity which created a different relationship with my food and body and shifted my appreciation for both." 

-Bea Rataj

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1-1 Cooking Class

A unique cooking class custom tailored to your food/recipes preferences and culinary skill-sets you are desiring to learn or master

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Smoothie Makeover

A simple way to have your morning ritual made-over! Together, we'll craft a designer smoothie just for you that's both nutritious AND delicious!

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Lifestyle Blog

Be inspired to eat and live WELL...Includes a plethora of recipes plus, kitchen, nutrition, wellness & lifestyle tips, tools & resources

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My Bi-Monthly Dose of All Things Well-Fed & Well-Lived

Enjoy tips, tools & inspiration for eating, living & feeling WELL through REAL nourishment.