Hi, I'M christy

multi-passionate entrepreneur with a LOVE for all things food, kitchen, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and transformation

With 20 years experience in the health & wellness world, I've taken everything I know to bring you NOURISH

After many iterations of my ever-evolving and expanding business, I’ve come to one word that describes everything I do AND everything that I want you to experience…

That word is NOURISH.

Yes, NOURISH is about flooding your body with nutrients to elevate your energy, mood & health. And, NOURISH is not just about food alone.


NOURISH is about becoming well-fed at a deeper level to fuel what you’re really hungry for. 

NOURISH is about becoming well-lived at a deeper level to fulfill your soul’s true desires.

When you experience the power of real nourishment, everything shifts. Not only will your relationship with food, body and self up-level, your entire being re-aligns with the best version of yourself inside & out.

  My mission in all the work I do is to guide and support you on your unique journey for becoming deeply nourished, physically AND emotionally.

My Cooking Style

Cooking is my love language. I get so much joy from cooking for my amazing clients, educating them about superfoods and transforming meals into nutrient-dense deliciousness.

I want you to have a magical relationship with eating so that when you go to bed at night you feel confident that you've flooded your body with nutrients. 

I’ve been told that when my clients enjoy my food, they finally feel deeply nourished. For many, it’s a life-changing experience that impacts their entire relationship with food. 

Because when you eat in a way where all of your senses are activated, everything changes.

A beautiful transformation happens when your body and taste buds start to AWAKEN and you naturally desire more fresh foods. 

BEST PART: your cravings start to disappear. You feel satiated, well-fed and energized as opposed to heavy, bloated or simply just unsatisfied.


My Coaching Style

My coaching style isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, and it doesn't involve quick fixes or empty promises.

I'm addressing women who have explored countless diets, systems, and lifestyles but still haven't unearthed the recipe that truly resonates with them. Many of the women I work with are exceptional professionals, making remarkable contributions to the world, their communities, and their families. Yet, beneath their achievements, they grapple with inner turmoil, battling body despair and complex relationships with food.

My coaching programs are designed for those who are ready to shift their focus away from the chaotic external world and embark on a journey of self-discovery. It's about reconnecting with the timeless wisdom that has always resided within you.

The essence of my work lies in returning to the fundamentals. It's about rediscovering your innate wisdom, unlocking the missing ingredients necessary for authentic nourishment, and, above all, empowering you to decode the language of your body so you can discern what you truly hunger for.

If you resonate with this approach, if you're prepared to delve into the depths of your inner wisdom, and if you're eager to find the answers within yourself, then I'm here to guide you on this profound journey.

Together, we'll uncover the path to well-lived living that has been waiting for you to embrace.

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A Little Bit More About My Food & Body Journey...

I’ve had quite the journey when it comes to my relationship with food and myself. I grew up eating the standard american diet until I turned 20 and declared myself a vegetarian. I thought I was eating healthy but looking back at that time I became a junk food vegetarian that ate a lot of lab created foods made to taste like meat. When I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (Hyper-Thyroid), I became vegan for a year then turned into a raw foodist. I learned all about the science and principles around food being medicine.

For 8 years, I ate a diet solely on raw-living foods. It was an incredible experience until it stopped working for me. As health challenges were surfacing, I realized I needed to start eating healthy meats and cooking grounding meals again.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from following all these systems is that all diets work for ONLY a period of time.

And, to end my ticking-time-clock attached to my diet, I needed to create a way of eating and living that was truly nourishing for me from the inside out.

I’ve now let go of the rules and restrictions that came from following all of these diets and systems. I’m creating my own ‘recipe for life’ that works solely for me. I’m trusting myself and listening to what my body needs for nutrition. I’m not saying I eat perfectly. I don’t believe there is a perfect way to eat. I am saying that I know longer feel guilty or pressured to eat a certain way. I’ve also dissolved the belief that there are good and bad foods. All food is neutral. Of course, there are healthier choices we can always make.

My KEY takeaway that I now apply with all my clients is that your relationship with food, how you eat, your belief system around what you're eating all have a tremendous effect on how you feel, receive & absorb nourishment.

Professional Bio

Christy Whitney combines weight loss, optimal nutrition & mindset coaching with healthy cooking & lifestyle habits to support clients with fueling both their body & mind.

Christy is the founder of the online NOURISH platform where midlife women become Well-Fed & Well-Lived through the power of real nourishment.

Her programs include:

  • a unique meal delivery service
  • customized food/detox/nutritional guidance packages
  • transformational individual/group coaching journeys

Additionally, she offers hand-crafted superfood smoothie blends, snacks and sweets that are available in her online shop.

Christy is a superfood recipe developer & gourmet health chef that utilizes the power of high-vibrational foods, tonics, herbs, edible flowers & local, fresh produce to create culinary masterpieces.

Christy is a certified Eating Psychology Coach with a MA in Health, Nutrition & Detoxification. She's the former founder of a Cleanse Spa, Yoga Studio & Gourmet Health Food Café located in Portland for over 11 years. Through individual food/coaching programs, group workshops, personalized cleanses & retreats, she has expertly guided 1000’s of clients.

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"it is never too late to be what you might have been."

-George Eliot

I'm all about

Regenerative farming, walks in the forest, buying local, country music, unwashed farm fresh eggs, kimono's, raw cacao,  slowing down in all things, guiding you to become deeply nourished

I'm not about

Quick fix diets, plastic water bottles, coaches making false promises, 

shopping or eating at chains, so called 'influencers' in their 20-30’s telling me how to live my life

ready to delve into real nourishment?

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From cooking to coaching, my mission is to connect you deeper to what fuels, fulfills & nourishes you.

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