Watermelon Fat Flush

We all love a slice of cold watermelon on a hot 🥵 summer day. Watermelon also makes a fantastic refreshing drink. Put watermelon into your blender to whip into a juice or if you have a cold press juicer you can quickly use the press to make your juice.

An up-leveled way to enjoy your watermelon juice is making what I like to call a Watermelon Fat Flush





-Add a shot of E3Live to your watermelon juice.

*if you enjoy a thicker smoothie consistency then first, freeze shots of E3live in ice cube trays.

Sip and enjoy the refreshing healing elixir or turn it into popsicles🥶

*if you enjoy a little tartness add in some fresh ginger and or lime 😋 juice 🥤

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