My Signature Dragon Mylk Recipe

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Dragon Magic Mix

Your morning ritual just got MORE magical!

This is THE recipe I use all day, every day, to make Dragon Magic Mylk for my clients. And, now you can do it @ home! No more 'wondering' exactly HOW I get it to taste the way I do. ('s ALL in the 'milk') Yes, there's a few steps, however once you get it down, it will taste superb and you will feel amazing!


1/4 cup Dragon Magic Mix powder

1- 3 teaspoons Raw Honey or sweetener of choice

32 oz Nut Milk* or liquid base of choice (coconut water, raw-milk, teas are all great base for drink) 

1/4 cup Irish/Sea Moss Gel (optional) 

dash of chili flakes (optional for a little kick) 


Add all ingredients to blender and mix until powders are incorporated

*to make Dragon Mylk taste like Christy's version use Brazil Nut Milk as base. If you like your drink to be thinner you can use 1/2 milk and 1/2 water. Also,  you can use tea instead of milk as base (Yerba Maté is my favorite).  

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