Optimal Nutrition through Activated Nuts

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Activated nuts and seeds can provide a delicious, nutritious, and easily digestible source of plant-based protein that can be used in a variety of recipes. If you’re someone who loves nuts but struggles with digestion issues or simply wants to boost your nutrition, consider giving activation a try. With a few simple steps, you can unlock the hidden magic of nuts and seeds and take your snacking game to a whole new level!

Here’s how you can do activate your nuts at home:

  1. Add nuts or seeds to large bowl
  2. Add 1 tablespoon Himalayan salt to 1 pound of nuts. So if you're soaking 5 pounds of almonds use 5 Tablespoons of salt 
  3. Add enough cold water to cover the nuts with 2-3 inches of water above the nuts. The nuts will soak up a lot of the water
  4. Soak your nuts or seeds in salt water bath for at least 8 hours*, or overnight
  5. Drain and rinse your nuts or seeds thoroughly
  6. Spread them out evenly on a baking sheet and dehydrate them at 115 to 150°F (or the lowest setting your oven will go) for 12-24 hours, or until they are crisp and dry.
  7. Store your activated nuts and seeds in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, and enjoy them however you like!

*When activating cashews you only want to soak for 6 hours. Longer will make them slimy & create affect the taste. 

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